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Download the software order form in PDF format. (17 KB, 1 Dec 2021)

No longer is it necessary to do tedious and risky hand calculations. Practically all of the calculation procedures in the book, Engineering Noise Control, 5th edition, by D.A. Bies and C.H. Hansen have been verified and encapsulated in a windows graphical user interface which is extraordinarily simple to use and provides results in tabular and graphical form. The calculation procedures have been thoroughly tested and checked. All of the algorithms here have been updated in accordance with the fourth edition of the textbook. The book can be ordered from Amazon books www.amazon.com.

A useful feature is the ability to run an analysis several times and plot the results for each run on the same axes to explore the effect of changing various input parameters and to allow a design goal to be achieved quickly. Targeted users are mechanical engineers, noise and vibration consultants and students undertaking noise control courses, although anyone interested in noise control or who has a noise problem would benefit. The software is divided into seven modules, corresponding to various sections of the text book.

View the brochure for the Noise Control Software (Acrobat format, 3.99 MB)

If you would prefer to order the textbook, Engineering Noise Control, 5th Edn. on-line, please visit www.amazon.com, click on the item, "textbooks" and enter "engineering noise control" in the search box.