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Engineering noise and vibration control books by ENC software developers.

Click on the book title for a link to the publisher website for more details and purchase options.

1. Noise Control: From Concept to Application - 2nd Edition - Colin H. H (routledge.com)

2. An Introduction to Virtual Sound Barriers - 1st Edition - Xiaojun Qiu (routledge.com)

3. Engineering Noise Control - 5th Edition - David A. Bies - Colin Hans (routledge.com)

4. Foundations of Vibroacoustics - 1st Edition - Colin Hansen - Routledg (routledge.com)

5. Wind Farm Noise: Measurement, Assessment, and Control | Wiley

6. Active Control of Noise and Vibration - 2nd Edition - Colin Hansen - (routledge.com)

7. Understanding Active Noise Cancellation - 1st Edition - Colin N. Hans (routledge.com)