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The currently available latest text book, "Engineering Noise Control" by David A. Bies and Colin H. Hansen is the 4th edition.

The 5th edition text book, "Engineering Noise Control" by David A. Bies, Colin H. Hansen and Carl Q. Howard will be available in January, 2018. This 5th edition has been considerably expanded and updated.

Other books by Colin H Hansen and his co-authors that may be of interest are:

- Hansen, C.H., Doolan, C.J. and Hansen, K.L. 2017. Wind farm noise: measurement, assessment and control. Wiley.

- Hansen, C.H., Snyder, S.D., Qiu, X., Brooks, L.A. and Moreau, D.J. 2013. Active control of noise and vibration, 2nd Edition. London: E&FN Spon.

- Hansen, C.H. 2005. Noise Control: from Concept to Application. London: Spon Press.

- Hansen, C.H. 2001. Understanding active noise cancellation. London: E&FN Spon.


The following are figures from "Engineering Noise Control" by Bies and Hansen , 3rd edition. You can download them and then enlarge parts of them by using the cropping tool and then stretching with the mouse. The figures are not numbered but they are in the same order that they are in the text book.

Textbook Figures (Power Point format, 2.55MB, 30 Sep 2004)