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About EZ-ANC

Active noise cancellation is a method of reducing low frequency noise or vibration by introducing an electronically generated canceling disturbance. The EZ-ANC II from Causal Systems makes it easy to implement an active noise cancellation system with just a basic understanding of instrumentation, acoustics and vibration. There is no need for knowledge of DSP programming, computer programming, electronics, control theory or signal processing. All of this is taken care of in the EZ-ANC II. The EZ-ANC II makes the field of active noise control accessible to engineers, architects, researchers, consultants and product designers. All of the parameters needed to optimize an active noise control system can be adjusted with the graphical user interface that operates in the familiar windows environment on any Pentium or higher PC running Windows NT or Windows 95/98/2000/XP. Parameters are chosen simply from the many pull-down menus on the screen. The PC and EZ-ANC II are connected through an RS232 interface with no handshaking, using a communication protocol similar to GPIB. The EZ-ANC II can be used as a development system for consumer product development incorporating an active noise control system; it can be used by teachers as a demonstration tool for active noise cancellation; it can be used by researchers and it can be used by consultants as a stand alone, job-specific active noise controller. The EZ-ANC II works equally well with acoustics or vibration problems.

Sorry, the EZ-ANC II is no longer available. For now, we recommend that ANC practitioners wanting to use an excellent, general purpose system purchase the TigerANC II, developed by ANTYSOUND and also available from Causal Systems.

See the menu item "TigerANC II" for more details.