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The TigerANC II represents a significant advance over the EZ-ANC II, with state of the art DSP chips and the following additional features:

  1. 16 channels (feedforward ANC with FXLMS)
  2. Total of 8192 filter taps available for the control filters and cancellation path models (less channels used results in more taps available for each channel)
  3. Touch screen control so the PC interface is unnecessary
  4. Fixed coefficient digital feedback control (limited to two channels)
  5. Upgradeable with more ANC algorithms
  6. The price of the TigerANC II Active Noise Controller is $35,000 USD, and there is a 10% discount for universities

The complete specifications are available in the manual which can be downloaded from here. A brochure describing the capabilities in brief can be download from here. Potential customers please contact Prof. Colin Hansen at chansen@bigpond.net.au.